With my trip to Verona and Vinitaly around two weeks away, I thought I would re-post my thought on why Verona is one of the cities I love in Italy. During my trip to Vinitaly, I will be blogging on a daily basis and I have some amazing vineyard visits and appointments planned.

il vino da tavola

I am by no means a travel writer, but you do not have to be an expert to realise Verona has a magical charm to it. Your first visit there gives you tingles on the back of your neck and will transform you back to the past when you had your first kiss with your first true love just like Romeo and his Juliet. Uncomplicated, sweet and like a photograph in your memory: you will never forget it. Verona is a gateway back into the past when life was so less complicated.

Every time I visit Verona my whole body tingles, I feel like I’m home. I travel to Verona every year for Vinitaly, the crazy Italian wine fair that many despise but a fair that I love. It is so Italian: chaotic and sometimes manically disorganized but like most things Italian, it is always beautiful. For me Italian wine is beautiful and it makes sense for…

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Tomatoes, cold beer and plenty of vino bianco….


Whilst Monday was a public holiday in Victoria, some of my family got together to make the sugo for this coming winter. Whilst peel tomatoes (especially San Marzano) are fantastic, nothing beats your own sugo and this year we made it over two weekends.


The tomatoes this week was a massive improvement on those from a couple of weeks ago. These contained less liquid and more concentration: key ingredients to a good sugo.


These bottles will keep for at least a couple of years an if you know any Italian friends, see if you can beg, borrow or steal a few bottles from them and try the real deal…..

One of my favourite things: Aglianico from Campania


Last night I hosted a fantastic dinner for the Melbourne Food and Wine Society on Campania with my good friend Naz from Vinosita. We tried and talked through some great wines.

Tonight I couldn’t help myself but go back to this baby. One of the wines that keeps my loving what I do and it everything I look for in Italian wine. Forza Campania and Salvatore.

My idea of pizza: my oven from Napoli is ready!


Anyone who follows this blog knows how much my family love pizza. My father is one of the Pizziolo’s and I can’t wait to taste his pizza’s from his Stefano Ferrara wood fired pizza oven built in Napoli.

Our ovens (mine is the oven with Forno written on it) will get lots of use as is the case with big Italian families and lots of friends!! Forza Stefano Ferrara and Napoli. We will need to christen it with a glass of Taurasi!