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This blog is set up to tell the tales of my love for Italian wine. It will be short on education and focus more on my take on working in the Australian wine industry as a importer and wine merchant for Italian wines.

Some people are lucky to be able to work in a field that is also their passion. To be 100 per cent committed to something, you need to be passionate about it.For me this is definitely the case with the wines of Southern Italy.

I am passionate about the wines of Southern Italy. For me it is not work: work is something you do because you have to. My family import from Italy because we love Italy and its wines. I travel to Italy at least once a year, and I am as excited today about going back to Italy as I was the first time as a young child. Italy is in our blood and Italian wine is our passion.

Over the last five years we have built a reputation for Mondo Imports as an importer that specialises in importing indigenous varieties from the South of Italy. Mondo Imports is now considered one of the (if not the leader) leading importers of wines from the South of Italy into Australia.

t: @anthonydanna

e: anthony@mondoimports.com.au

w: http://www.mondoimports.com.au

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I too am passionate about wine. I love wines from Italy and yes epically wines from southern Italy in particular Sicily. I wish you all the best in exporting wines from Australia, so my friends in Sicily can drink some the great wines from Australia that I tell them about.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and I can’t believe I have not found it before! I am a massive fan of Italian wines & will be keeping an eye on your stories and latest imports.

    PS just read about the Italian supermarket u planned on opening, is that close to completion?


  3. Hi Anthony, come te amo il vino di qualità e la mia terra…l’Italia.
    Rappresento legalmente alcune aziende vinicole di altissima qualità e vorrei sapere se c’è l’opportunità di una collaborazione commerciale con la tua azienda.
    Spero in un tuo cortese riscontro.

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