Our love of Southern Italian Wine:

Those that have followed my blog over the last few years, know how much I love Southern Italy. It is the basis in which we founded Mondo Imports, to highlight to those in Australia just how great Southern Italian wine can be.

Old Primitivo vines in Puglia.
Old Primitivo vines in Puglia.

Via Mondo Imports we represent many wineries from Southern Italy (ie from Rome south, even though many now in Italy think that anything under Florence should be considered Southern Italy!!). Our aim this year is to add a high class white wine producer from Puglia and hopefully we find one during our travels to Italy this year.

See below the producers we represent into Australia. Click on the link to visit each wineries website:

Fatalone (Puglia)

Lamoresca (Sicily)

Le Moire (Calabria)

Luccarelli (Puglia)

Salvatore Molletieri (Campania)

Passopisciaro (Sicily)

Pipoli (Basilicata)

Zabu (Sicily)

Birranova (Puglia)

3 thoughts on “Our love of Southern Italian Wine:”

  1. Hi Anthony,

    Your dedication to Southern Italy is commendable. Very few have that focus and foresight. The area is not only improving enormously year on year, but is actually producing some of Italy’s best wines.

    In terms of a white wine producer from Puglia, THE go-to producer was (and may still be) I Pastini. My hesitation is due to the fact that there seems to have been a coup d’etat which has seen the genius behind the firm ousted by his brother and nephew. But you should try them. Otherwise, try Cardone Vini, and – you will be surprised – the excellent sparkling wines of dArapri in San Severo.

    Best regards and Happy New Year

    1. Hi Ole,
      Your spot on. I said yes to I Pastini to import the whites to Australia. The 2012 whites are stunning and when I learnt that the brother we met at Radici had left I pulled the pin. Hence the search continues….

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