Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!

Tropea, Calabria. One of the many beautiful towns we visited on our family holiday in July this year.
Tropea, Calabria. One of the many beautiful towns we visited on our family holiday in July this year.
Pasta alla Norma at Restaurant Porta Marina, Siracusa

Well with Christmas done and dusted it is good to finally sit back and reflect on a fantastic 2013. The year though up many highlights, with my trip to Italy for a month with my family definitely on top of the list. We did nothing but eat, drink see some great sights and most importantly, spent a month together away with only each others company to enjoy. Even now, months after the trip, my children still talk about our time away. Something that for me is priceless.

Dinner in Puglia with Pasquale from Fatalone during our trip to Italy in April. Stefano on the left and Matt on the right.

Also my trip to Italy in April for business with my good mate Matt and younger brother Stefano was a real highlight. Whilst we pounded out the kilometers, how can you not enjoy eating and drinking your way around the whole of Italy in 14 days?

Birranova: Artisan beer from Puglia

We did lot’s of firsts. Australia was the first export country for artisian brewer Birranova from Puglia via @mondoimports. We also imported our first container of Prosciutto and Italian hard cheeses with the second container due to us any day now.

baden 1
Deli and meat display cases to be used in the redevelopment of Boccaccio


Our planning for the redevelopment of Boccaccio has continued and on track to start in the first few months of next year. Two years of planning and approvals and we are slowly edging closer to our dream.




We also drank some great wines in 2013. Too many to name especially when you consider some of the dinner held during the year. If I had to pick one region, it would have to be Montalcino with so many great bottles from all the legends, Biondi Santi, Soldera, Fuligni and Costanti plus beautiful wines from new producers like Il Palazzone.

My Stefano Ferrara oven from Napoli.
My backyard pizza’s with an ode to Napoli.

On the personal front, my pizza oven shipped all the way from Naples is in and ready. It took the good part of six months to get it done but was definitely worth the wait. Now I just need some spare time to use it and have all the people I have promised over for a pizza!!

Whilst there is still some work to do for 2013 (with our last container on Monday) the year is quickly drawing to a close. I hope everyone has a great break with their family. I am taking some time off with my family and will back at the back half of January. I hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you a happy New Year.

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