The summer of #realperoni is here…


Ten containers in ten days. Sure keeps you fit. This time of year, the amount of Italian beer that is drunk is unbelievable. Thankfully we are fully stocked for summer…


2 thoughts on “The summer of #realperoni is here…”

  1. Anthony, my most recent case of imported Peroni bottles had ‘Peroni’ just as prominently displayed as the ‘fake’ Peroni brewed in Australia. Previous cases have had ‘Nastro Azzurro’ most prominently displayed. The bar code on it is definitely the Italian one and it had the importers sticker on it… have they changed their label in Italy?


    1. Hi GP,
      Yep Peroni brewed in Italy but made for the domestic market is now called Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

      Peroni brewed for domestic market in Italy is labelled Nastro Azzurro.

      We try and do source the Peroni made for the domestic market in Italy so it is easier for people to recognize the difference.

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