Importing Italian cheese: it is here but I am a broken man…. :-)


Over the last five years, we have tried our hands at importing many things from Italy. So far we have successfully imported wine, beer, mineral water and olive oil just to name a few. Well cheese is a totally different matter.


I can’t remember any decision with Mondo Imports taking such a personal toll on me. The regulations and bio security is in place for importing cheese for a very good reason. No issue with me in this regard. However, considering the cost involved importing from each Cheese producer there had to be no errors as unlike wine, a simple solution is not possible. When a cheese is rejected, the options are destroy or send back. Both of these options are not preferable. Hence, the risk in importing cheese is quite high if you compare it to wine.


If wine is rejected, most of the the time, it is for incorrect labelling which can be easily rectified with a sticker. Obviously not the case with cheese.

Well the goods news is that it is all here, safely tucked away in our cool rooms and available to the trade.


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