Vintage 2013 Salami: done and dusted…


Yesterday ten mates got together to make 300kg of top line Calabrese Salami. The meat looked fantastic and we will know the results in a few months time.


2 thoughts on “Vintage 2013 Salami: done and dusted…”

  1. Anthony, met quite a few people you know at Radici yesterday. Everybody sends their warm regards. On the subject af Calabrian salami: Met with mad Giuseppe from Du Cropio, and he had brought Calabrian salami to end all other salamis. Next time you are in Italy, you may want to look him up just for that. It’s something he buys locally, but I have never had spicy salami of such quality before.

    1. Hi Ole,
      I am there in spirit this year with so many people I know from Italy and a couple from Australia there!! How has it been?

      I will have to post you one of my salami’s when they are ready for you to compare!!

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