A celebration of a life lived to it’s fullest: Franco Biondi Santi

Today we had a number of appointments during the day which is normal during Vinitaly. However, it was the hour spent at Biondi Santi which showed me just how humble and special it is to be involved in Italian wine.

Yesterday at 3pm, the news spread through Vinitaly that the great man, Franco Biondi Santi had passed away aged 91. In a few days time, we were to visit Franco at the estate in Montalcino and as is the case with all visitor’s to Biondi Santi, all correspondence (via email) was from Franco Biondi Santi himself. At 91 years of age, he was the winemaker, the marketer and the tour guide and looked after every aspect of the estate.


Today those working at Biondi Santi opened up a bottle of the 1983 Riserva in his honour and tomorrow they will open up one of his favourite vintages: 1987.


We also tried the new 2008 Brunello di Montalcino plus Franco’s personal favourite, the 2009 Rosato which he drank every day for lunch with his wine. On Friday we will visit Tenuta Greppo in Montalcino and again honour the man that showcased everything which was great about Brunello di Montalcino.


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