Well finally made it to Roma: and Palatium Enoteca




Well after delays almost the whole way along our trip we finally made it to Roma. A 90 minute delay in Dubai due to fog (can you believe it in Dubai!) meant that we missed our connecting flight to Italy at Heathrow which then affected our car hire booking. After wasting half a day sorting all this out we finally arrived at our hotel and turned our watches to Italian time.

After enjoying a spritz on our hotel balcony overlooking Piazza di Spagna we sat down to an amazing dinner at Palatium in Centro storico in Piazza di Spagna. After a fantastic meal, we did what I always do in Rome: take a stroll to the Pantheon.




5 thoughts on “Well finally made it to Roma: and Palatium Enoteca”

  1. Your busting my belly … I am still stranded in Dubai with a bag of dates!

    Look fwd to real pizza in Napoli tonight … Inshallah!

    Ciao Matt

    Head of Financials Research

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