Vinitaly 2013: the process has begun…

With February rolling around and my Italian trip around 7 weeks away, the planning process has begun. This year, more than any other year is going to be busy. Thousands of kilometers of driving before and after Vinitaly, with lots of producers visits from the bottom of Italy to the top.

Salvatore Molettieri Vinitaly 2012
Salvatore Molettieri Vinitaly 2012

For those wineries that I cannot physically visit, I will use Vinitaly as an opportunity to see familiar faces and see what is planned for the year ahead. After seeing the wineries we import, we will then use Vinitaly to see what else we can discover.

Spritz in Piazza Erbe (Verona)
Spritz in Piazza Erbe (Verona)

And when those long days are finished in Verona, it will be time to relax and unwind with a Spritz…


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