The worst thing to forget when going on holidays? My wine glasses….

East Gippsland, Victoria
East Gippsland, Victoria

Last week I spent a relaxing week on the beach in East Gippsland in Victoria doing very little. It was great to spend time with my wife and kids and also my extended family eating simply and drinking a lot of different wines.

It was a great week away and probably the hardest part of the holiday was actually trying to fit in, strollers, pillows, suitcases and lot’s of kids gear. In all this mayhem, I left behind my most treasured possession: my wine glasses. One of the most annoying things about drinking wine in restaurants is the quality of glassware. And even on holiday’s I pack my glasses so I can enjoy the wines that I drink.

PLUMM Vintage Red b wine glass.
PLUMM Vintage Red b wine glass.

Even relatively cheap Italian wines like Gran Sasso and Lucarrelli deserve proper wine glasses. My glass of choice at the moment is the PLUMM Vintage Red b glass which is a Burgundy shaped glass. I use this glass for nearly all the wine I drink, Champagne included and for me, it is the best all round glass on the market.

When on holidays or at home in Australia, I try and make sure that I am surrounded by good glassware.  If you drink wine regularly at home then my tip is to find a glass type or style that you like and make this your ‘go to’ glass whenever you open a bottle.

I know when it comes to Italian wine, this ‘Burgundy’ styled glass is perfect for almost every wine style in Italy. The only exception you could argue might be Chianti Classico but I wouldn’t say Sangiovese as I prefer drinking Brunello out of my burgundy glass. As you can see from the photo above, a lot of Italian restaurants/wineries serve their wines out of a similar shaped glass as the Plumm Vintage Red b which I use at home.

4 thoughts on “The worst thing to forget when going on holidays? My wine glasses….”

  1. Hahaha – that picture rings a bell 🙂 ….showing your speed eating compared to the refined eating tempo of your dinner companion…..

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