This is how I work post Christmas: spritz & emails…


Whilst we still have two @mondoimports vans on the road delivering stocks to restaurants in the Melbourne, there is definitely a more relaxed vibe in the air. This means more time to get stuff done and having time to check emails (and enjoy an Aperol spritz) and reply with thought, rather than always being 100 miles an hour.

The last twelve months have been crazy, the next twelve months ahead will probably make this year look like a stroll in the park. With all systems go with the redevelopment of our buildings, more wines, beers, digestivo’s and aperitivo’s for @mondoimports either about to leave Italy or on the water on the way it seems like it is going to get out of control pretty soon. Well, as they say, if you stand still you get left behind.

I hope everyone has had a relaxing Christmas, taken time to sit back and eat and drink with family and recharge those batteries for another year head.


2 thoughts on “This is how I work post Christmas: spritz & emails…”

  1. Anthony,

    I always enjoy reading your posts. More than anything else I need to thank both you and Franco for being such wonderful supporters of my wine classes.
    Looking forward to 2013. Matthew.

  2. Thanks Mathew,
    With Christmas now over I look forward to posting more. Thanks for you support of the wines we make and import into Australia.


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