Vandals wash away 600 hectolitres of Soldera Brunello from 2007-2012….

Large botti at Soldera
Large botti at Soldera

I can’t believe the news.

Vandals have broken into Gianfranco Soldera’s winery and opened the vats on all the wines from 2007-2012 vintages. Rougly 600 hectolitres were washed away. Once more information comes to light, I will post links to the news.

Gianfranco Soldera
Gianfranco Soldera

Gianfranco Soldera will bounce back from this tradegy and those of us with bottles of Soldera in our cellar, should drink a bottle and the salute the gtreatness that is Soldera.

Updated news links 05/12/2012:,0,7899447.story


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