Southern Italian love in Melbourne: and the need to drink out of Burgundy glasses….

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day showing the four single cru’s of Passopisciaro from the 2009 vintage. It was a fascinating exercise and showed just how different each cru is due to the different altitudes on Mount Etna and the different lava flows for each site.

For me, my favourite cru of Passopisciaro is Rampante, delicate and fragrant but with so much power and tannins in the palate it makes you do a double take.

For me these Southern Italian wines and most Italian wine in general, needs to be drunk out of a burgundy glass. At an appointment yesterday, the four single cur’s were served in a Chianti/Riesling glass and the wines were so subdued. As soon as they were transferred in the right glassware, that Mount Etna magic was back in full force.


2 thoughts on “Southern Italian love in Melbourne: and the need to drink out of Burgundy glasses….”

  1. ….and a good phone camera at last – you won’t know yourself 🙂

    Good point about the glassware. Piedmontese reds out of a Burgundy glass for sure, also Veneto reds I think, and you reckon Nerello too. What about Aglianico – shows better in the bulbous glass ?

    I still think Sangiovese is better out of the Bordeaux shape though – at least that is what happened when I tested a Chianti Classico in the different glasses the other week. Maybe I need to try a Brunello also in different glasses – the 99 Biondi Santi we had at Osteria Brunello was served in the bulbous glass, so maybe they know something ?

    1. Yep I think Sangiovese or more specifically Chianti Classico would be one of the few wines I would use a Bordeaux glass. However I would use a Burgundy glass for Brunello.

      Aglianico like Nebbiolo definitely suits a Burgundy glass.

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