When in Puglia: dinner at A’ Crianz in Putignano is a must…

The church of St Domenico in Putignano (Puglia)

A’ Crianz – Putignano (Puglia)

Cellar with food and coal to view the subtitle of this place behind the garden of the church of San Domenico. It is the fruit of the passion for wine, that of Gregory Barletta, and kitchen by Stefano D’Onghia gained after an intense experience in such prestigious kitchens of Italy. The kitchen is an interpretation of Stephen faithful to the traditions, with minor reinterpretations and impeccable quality of raw materials. Appetizers that vary according to season, from fried olives with wild onions, mozzarella from the eggplant flan of creamed cottage cheese. Then burnt wheat orecchiette with mushrooms and tomatoes cardoncelli whipped the provolone. Finally, the meat: filet of ass cheese fondue. Good desserts and wine growing, but already with a good presence of local wines.’  Puglia is Served 2012

Stuffed Zucchini flowers with goats milk ricotta.

Last night we visited the town of Putignano to have dinner at the amazing A ‘Crianz’ www.acrianzputignano.com The restaurant whilst small and unassuming from the outside, cooks some of the best food in Puglia. I was blown away, especially by the antipasto. The stuffed Zucchini flowers with goats milk ricotta were the best I have ever eaten.

All the food was matched with wines from producers of Primativo Gioia del Colle and they all worked very well. Again the standout wines during dinner were the wines of Fatalone with his 2011 Bianco and 2005 Primativo Riserva absolute standouts. Unfortunately his wines are not in the competition as they were entered last year, but I am sure if they were there, they would have done very well.


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