Arrived in Puglia….

Centuries old olive trees greet you at the entrance of Borgo Egnazia, Puglia

I have felt like I have spent the last two days in transit. Well it is actually not far from the truth: so it was good to make it to Fasano in Puglia yesterday afternoon where I will spend the next week taking part in Radici del Sud.

The resort of Borgo Egnazia

The resort where the festival is being held is Borgo Egnazia Resort: luxury seaside hotel in Puglia and it is breathtaking. Even though it is brand new, it seems like it has been here forever.

The surrounding grounds are like an Oasis. Pools, lush gardens and more pools..

Yesterday afternoon I spent a couple of hours visiting the nearby towns. The highlight was probably Alberobello which is picture and postcard perfect.

Alberobello is known as the Capital of the Trulli. The trullo is a fascinating architectural feature of this area of Puglia, a building with conical roof made without mortar. Alberobello has special status internationally – designated a UNESCO world heritage site – because its collection of some 1,500 trulli in an urban environment is unique.

Some of the trulli are now used for stores, restaurants, and lodging. But many are still inhabited by locals, who are very friendly to visitors. As a world heritage site, Alberobello is a tourist attraction, but as it is less accessible from the tourist-heavy west coast, it is not overrun by tourists, and most tourists of Alberobello are Italians.

The town is the centre of an annual pilgrimage to the Basilica dedicated to the martyr saints Cosma and Damiano. Wikitravel

The houses of Alberobello

It was great to walk around the town (Picture via and it seemed that all of the towns inhabitants were also taking in the amazing landscapes and going for a walk. That is the one thing that I alway miss when I leave Italy, the fact that at 6pm onwards, the whole town meets for a chat and a stroll.

I am planning for a quiet day today with a visit to the town of Ostuni this morning before getting back to Borgo Egnazia for the start of Radici del Sud 2012 this afternoon.