The first visit down under for Saracco Moscato….

Paolo Saraccp Moscato d’Asti

Paolo Saracco is one of the reference-point producers of fine Moscato. I always make sure to have at least a few bottles on hand at the house. 

Antonio Galloni, The Wine Advocate

It has been a busy few days with the first trip to Australia for Fabio Saracco, who handles all of the export side of Paolo Saracco world wide (his cousin Paolo Saracco is the winemaker).

Fabio had two days in the trade in Melbourne to get a better understanding of the market and I think he was pleasantly surprised. He thought Melbourne had a distinct European feel to it.

Guy Grossi (left) with Fabio Saracco

One of the highlights was lunch at Grossi Florentino where he was served by owner and chef Guy Grossi. Guy is well known in Italy and Grossi are big supporters of Paolo Saracco Moscato.

To finish Fabio’s final night in Melbourne, we took Fabio to Scopri in Carlton to show just how good Northern Italian food can be cooked in Australia. We matched all the food to old Australian wines just to show Fabio that Australia can produce their share of top line wines.

To finish, yesterday Fabio and myself flew up to Sydney to meet our agent for Mondo Imports in Sydney and had a enjoyable day before flying home late last night.

It was great to have Fabio in Australia and I hope he continues to visit our country to help spread the word just how good Moscato (and Saracco specifically) can be.


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