Traversa: a traditional look at modern Barbaresco….

Today I drove to Barbaresco to visit Flavio and Franco Traversa who are based in Neive. They are staunch traditionalists with a few to maintaining the traditions of the past in all their wines. They still use the tall traditional Barbaresco bottles and hold their wines back so that they are released with more age than most Barbaresco producers.

Current vintages for their wines are: Langhe Nebbiolo 2007 Sori Ciabot Barbaresco 2006 Staderi Barbaresco 2007 I also had the opportunity to try the upcoming vintages (2010, Langhe Nebbiolo. 2007 Sori Ciabot and 2008 Starderi) and all the wines look fantastic. As young wines they are supremely tannic but with time mature beautifully with fruit and tannin playing equal parts.

The highlight of the tasting was trying a 1978 Sori Ciabot Barbaresco that looks magnificent. Still with amazing acidity, it had freshness, fragrance, fantastic palate length and a classic Barbaresco colour and profile.

Today I am heading back to Barbaresco to meet Alda Vacca at Produttori del Barbaresco and try some of my favourite wines on the planet.


3 thoughts on “Traversa: a traditional look at modern Barbaresco….”

  1. I’m follow your trip and is like I would be there. As I said to you I have been living in Bra and then in Torino until 5 years ago. good Italy, good langhe.

    1. Ciao Paolo,
      Yep it is an amazing place. Food and wine is so good. Tonight I do not eat with any of my producers but stay in and cook Risotto with fresh truffles. Paradise!
      See you in Verona!

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