Barolo or Barbaresco: What is your pick?

Interesting question.

What do you prefer?

For me lately I have been drinking more Barbaresco.

I wonder what the image of Barbaresco would be like today if we did not have the likes of Angelo Gaja or Produttori del Barbaresco to illustrate it’s seriousness in the last thirty years?

I doubt many people consider Barolo to be superior to Barbaresco. For me, they are equal. One thing they are not though is equal in price. Barbaresco when compared to Barolo at exactly the same quality normally sells for 10-20 per cent less per bottle: and when you get fantastic vintages like 2006 and 2007 it is hard not to drink it.

Wines like Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco 2006 which had all the single vineyard cru’s blended into, is an amazing wine and fantastic value at $70 a bottle. This for me is the fantastic thing about Barbaresco. It is world class wine available at (when you consider it) almost a bargain basement price.


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