Patience is a virtue: especially after 35 years…

After thirty years of trying, we have finally purchased the last freehold property in the groups of shopfronts which our family retail wine and food business Boccaccio Cellars sits. We settled yesterday and it is such a weird feeling and still feels almost surreal. This now unifies all our buildings which is fantastic. All up we will have 100 metres of street fronts which we will now redevelop and aim to build a benchmark Oz but Italian inspired Supermarket.

Wine (of course) and Italian imported goods (beer, mineral water, pasta, cheese, etc) will become an even bigger focus together with our own smallgoods and pasta. We hope that Boccaccio will a benchmark for all things Italian Food and Wine in Melbourne.

Plenty of room for more Italian wines and corks 🙂

Time for a glass of Champagne, it is long overdue!!


2 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue: especially after 35 years…”

  1. Thanks Andrew. Should be awesome when it is done. A lot of planning and thinking to make sure we do it spot on.

    Respect the Roagna, we can never keep up with the demand of Roagna. Awesome wines and very unique.

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