Roagna, Gaja & Mister Bianco:Two fantastic Italians and an awesome meal.

Last night I went to Mister Bianco with three mates and some fantastic Italian reds.

If you live in Melbourne, Mister Bianco in Kew is definitely worth a visit. It has been only open for a week but has already gathered a big following.

Mister Bianco

285 High Street
Kew Victoria 3101
Tel +61 3 9853 6929

The best wine of the night was Pichon Lalande 1986 (thanks Chris H) but the Roagna Paje Barbaresco 2000 and Gaia Conteisa Barolo 1996 were fascinating. The Roagna had the Gaja last night but in the long run, I think the Gaja will be the better wine.

This was my second visit within a week and both times Mister Bianco has not disappointed. And yes, it also BYO for those who want to enjoy some special bottles. Please if you are going to take bottles of wine to restaurants like Scopri and Mister Bianco that actually go out of their way to allow you to bring a bottle, give you fantastic service and a great meal; make sure that the bottle of wine you bring is worthy of the effort they put in.


2 thoughts on “Roagna, Gaja & Mister Bianco:Two fantastic Italians and an awesome meal.”

  1. Yep very true Sam. I am not talking about your cheap Chinese restaurant that uses plastic plates and tumblers as glassware. If you go to a decent restaurant that gives you a BYO option, don’t abuse the system. Bring a bottle that justifies the service they offer.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. We stopped in on Saturday night, excellent food, thoughtful service and so well priced. Close to home too. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of the guys at Mister Bianco.

    Might take a 96 Alion in next time if they still have the beef cheek dish on!

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