Good Italian BYO is hard to find…. unless you go to Scopri

Where do you go with that special bottle? Stay home? No way 🙂

It was always a hard question until about a year ago when Alison and Anthony (do we need last names?!!) opened Scopri.

Scopri Italian Food & Wine

191 Nicholson Street, Carlton VIC 3053(03) 9347 8252 ‎

After a slow start (and it takes a while for the word to get around) they have been packed to the rafters every night with not only locals but many in Melbourne town travelling across town to experience top-line BYO wine service matched with some pretty amazing Italian food.

They decant, have awesome glassware and know Italian wines very well having lived in Italy for a year before setting up Scopri. If your looking for a restaurant to go with that special bottle or just want a great meal served by two hosts who are as switched on (and always on hand) about Italian food and wine, then Scopri is your place.

What does Scopri mean?

Who cares. The food is good!!


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